Alert Map tells you where COVID-19 cases are in real time so you can avoid those areas or be better prepared if you must travel. You can use Alert Map at any location, any time.

Alert Map

COV19-LA Mobile APP

A Responsive WEB and APP for Everyone! Ready to use at any Locaiton to prevent the spred of COVID19!



Should I get tested? Should I go to the hospital? Which one? COVID-19 APP answers these and other critical questions.

Get Tested


COV19-LA Mobile APP helps you get tested so you can get treatment and isolate yourself at the earliest possible stage if you test positive or put your mind at ease if you test negative. Use COV19-LA Mobile APP to report your symptoms to a nearby hospital. The hospital can pinpoint your location and take action to reach you for early treatment which is how we slow the spread. COV19-LA Mobile APP can alert personnel at hospitals, healthcare clinics and checkpoints at airports, shopping malls, schools and universities about the location of nearby cases so they can take precautions. The same personnel can update the COVID-19 database with the data they collect locally.

Who should be tested?

Should you get tested? Not everyone needs to. Answer these 6-simple yes/no questions to find out.

How to get tested?

If you have COVID-19 symptoms and want to get tested, COV19-LA Mobile App will direct you to a nearby hospital or try to call hospitals or local health departments or a medical provider for immediate action.

Get Tested

Check points

Checkpoints such as Airport, Shopping malls, Educations centers, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, and health camps can use COV19-LA Mobile App to record the COVID-19 symptoms and send to authorized hospitals and health care centers.



Hospital has full authority to access the tested cases location and take action to confirm the positive or negative. Authorized hospital will confirm the infected cases after medical checkup and confirmed SARS-COVID-19 cases will be displayed on the Alert map.